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Keto Kit

Keto Kit

5 keto-friendly spice blends

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Made in the USA Gluten Free Non GMO Patriot Approved

Keto doesn't have to suck! Add quality flavor to your meals with our 5 keto-friendly spice blends.

Each of our proprietary spice blends is made with quality ingredients, doused with freedom, and packaged into a sizeable 8 fluid ounce container.

Includes all 5 of our keto-friendly spiceketo-kit blends:

Battle Buddy - All Purpose Seasoning

Blackout - Blackened Seasoning

Combat Canary - Poultry Seasoning

Liberator - Lemon Garlic

Operator - Red Hickory Smoke

Quality Ingredients. Quality Blends.

Quality Ingredients

For Quality Blends

Quality ingredients for quality blends