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Why choose us

We get it…why choose us over any of the other retail stores or online vendors that sell seasonings and BBQ rubs? It’s a valid question and one we’re here to answer.

Quality. We are the quality option, not the cheap option. We’ve heard it before: “why not buy the same stuff down the street for only a few bucks?”. Simply put, because it’s NOT the same thing. We pride ourselves in having blends whose flavor and quality is far superior to anything else. From the raw ingredients to the finished product, quality and craftsmanship are key.

Veteran owned & operated. Take pride in supporting those of us who wake up every day and capitalize on the same opportunity we once fought to defend. Running our own business was always a dream. Now it’s our passion…our reality…and we’re proud to say we once fought to defend this freedom we have.

Not a private label. A lot of other companies simply slap their own label onto another co-packer's product. Not us. We've worked diligently to bring you a lineup of specific flavor profiles unavailable anywhere else.

Not just salt & sugar. A majority of seasonings and rubs on the market are primarily comprised of salt and sugar. It gives the illusion that you get more for less. These two ingredients are among the cheapest out there. On the other hand, our blends bring out powerful flavor using other quality ingredients that work better and on a healthier level. We don't take the cheap way out by packing bottles full of salt and sugar.

Customer service. It’s rare in this day and age to hear of a positive experience with customer service. But with us, to say your customer service experience will be positive would be an understatement. We recognize our customers have a choice with who they shop with, and we’re honored they choose us. We owe it to them to provide the best experience possible.

Passion. We are passionate about what we do. We’re not here to make a fast buck. We BELIEVE in our product. We KNOW it is the best option. And we CARE about our customers.

Our chance to give back. The more we grow, the more we can give back…give back to those who have selflessly served our country. Our customers help us grow.