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Ultimate Guide To Smoking Meat (eBook)
Ultimate Guide To Smoking Meat (eBook)

Guide to Smoking Meat

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This is a downloadable eBook (PDF) that is available immediately after purchase. It is not a printed copy.

A perfect guide to smoking meat. Whether you're completely new and want to learn, or already a seasoned pit master interested in a quick reference, this guide is for you!

Smoking meat is an art in the sense that everyone who engages has their own style and preferences. But it's also a that can be taught. Skills that can be shared with others.

And let's face it...once you've had smoked meat there's no going back!

This guide is here to provide you with everything you need to get started smoking meat and indulging in that unbeatable smokey, tender taste where meat falls off the bone. It's also a great reference for experienced smokers who need a quick way to look up wood types, temperatures, and so on.

This guide to smoking meat covers a range of topics, including:

  • Why smoke meat, what to buy, and what to smoke
  • Key principles of smoking meat
  • Meat preparation
  • Ventilation, heat, duration, keeping it moist
  • Pellets, chunks, and chips
  • Using rubs and sauces
  • Wood Type chart for easy reference
  • Meat Temperature/Time chart for easy reference
  • Much more!