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Tactical Apron
Tactical Apron
Tactical Apron
Tactical Apron

Tactical Apron

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A must have for you patriots who are passionate about grilling and cooking.

There's no better show of force than to wear this tactical apron during your next grilling event.

One of the large pouches on the front allows for velcro patches, as does a large area on the back of the apron itself. All pouches can be relocated or removed to fit your desired configuration. This apron is also equipped with three large pockets near the bottom.

Our tactical apron includes the following:

  • Tactical Apron (adjustable)
  • 2 pouches that fit our regular sized spice bottles
  • 2 large pouches (one of which supports velcro patches)
  • Frag Out Flavor velcro patch (a $10 value)

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