Mystery Blend

Mystery Blend

Let us choose!

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Blended in America Gluten Free Non GMO Patriot Approved

Like surprises? Order our Mystery Blend and we'll choose which blend we send you!

By purchasing this blend, we will surprise you with one of the following:

  • Battle Buddy (All-Purpose Seasoning)
  • Blackout (Blackened Seasoning)
  • Blue Line (Lime Pepper)
  • Bunker Buster (Steak & Wild Game)
  • Chem Ops (Savory Rub)
  • Combat Canary (Poultry Seasoning)
  • Constitution (Sweet & Smoky)
  • Fatty Cake (Chocolate Cake)
  • Fitty (Mango Habanero)
  • Freedom Spice (Honey Chipotle)
  • Liberator (Lemon Garlic)
  • Medic (Jamaican Jerk)
  • Operator (Red Hickory Smoke)
  • Purple Heart (Maple Bacon)
  • Red Line (Honey Chipotle)
  • Salty SGT (Salty Steak & Burger)
  • Shellshock (Spicy Maple Bacon)

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